When it comes to getting the right advice and the right tyres, Kostera’s are your best bet. In fact, we are the place other tyre suppliers come to find something special.
Kostera’s Tyres are:
• Direct dealers for Dunlop Australia
• State distributor for Dunlop Racing Kart tyres
• State distributor for racing, rally and special performance tyres
• Australian distributor for Dunlop Classic and Vintage tyres
Why are Dunlop tyres so special?
Did you know that modern day tyre was designed by John Boyd Dunlop in 1888? What started as an effort to make his son’s tricycle work better, grew to become a racing radial for 200 mph motorsport vehicles – way ahead of its time.
The Dunlop name became as popular in racing circles as the checkered flag. Dunlop also has a history with making condoms through Anesell Rubber, but that’s another story… The main thing to know is that, after all this time, the Dunlop people are still passionate about tyres. You can tell by the quality.
We reckon that Dunlop’s history combined with the latest technology makes them the best. It’s why we’re so proud to represent their tyres on their behalf.
Talk to us about what driving is like for you – and how to make it even better.

Passenger Vehicles

Above all, you want to be safe. But there are other things to consider.
Do you want precise handling and high performance?
Comfort and quiet operation?
Or perhaps durability is most important to you?
Size, tread pattern, vehicle-tyre match are all part of the conversation. And as we’ve been tyre specialists for over eighty years, you can rely on us for the best tyre advice – as well as an extraordinary range to choose from.
After finding the right tyre for you, we also find one with the right price for you.


What type of 4WD driver are you?
The city-based driver for the driver who spends the majority of time on sealed roads. You will need a 90% on road/10% off-road tyre.
The recreational driver for the driver who mainly drives on sealed roads, while also engaging in recreational off-road driving. You will need a 70% on road/ 30% off road tyre.
The recreational off-road driver for the driver who takes their off-road driving seriously but also requires strong performance on road. You will need a 50% on road/ 50% off road tyre.
The serious off-road driver for the driver who spends the majority of their time off road. You will need a 20% on road/ 80% off road tyre.

Van/Light Truck

Your tyres are what are between you and the road and safety is vital. Comfort and easy handling’s pretty important too.
The team at Kostera’s make sure the tyres chosen are not only right for your vehicle, but also how you choose to drive it.
When you come in…
…we’ll probably talk about things like road grip, even wear and water clearance.
But we will also ask questions:
Does your vehicle spend its time off-road, on the highway or mostly around town? Or perhaps you need a tyre with some versatility?
We also want your tyres to be cost-effective.
Which is why we choose the best tyres for enhanced fuel-economy and long life wherever possible.

Tyres – Motorsport

As Dunlop say, “…the smell of hot rubber and the crunch of asphalt beneath beefy wheels are two of life’s finest experiences.” We agree.
Tarmac rally
It’s all about performance. But you need legal patterns and optimized grip for control. We also need to take into account the conditions you are driving in. Need dry, wet or an all-round performer? And it’s no problem if your tyres need to be street legal. We’ve got that covered. See our range.
Gravel rally
Gravel. The word says it all. For this dynamic driving it’s all about grip, handling and balance. We’ve got directional tyres with ‘left’ and ‘right’ side patterns, forest rally-specific tyres, tyres for all round conditions as well loose and muddy ones – and more.
See our range.
Wet or dry or both? Perhaps you would like a hand-groove option to alter the pattern according to the conditions? If tyres for Classic Vintage racing what you need, have the best of both worlds: made from the original moulds but with modern compounds.
See our range.

Kostera’s Tyre Service has been the sole Western Australian and Northern Territory distributor for Dunlop Kart Tyres since 1988. Naturally, we have tyres for wet, dry or both – as well as those for efficiently dispensing standing water as you drive through. Want to minimise wear on your tyres? We have a range that pride themselves on their durability.
Perth Motorsport Tyres
Talk to us about what driving is like for you – and how to make it even better.

Tyres – Vintage

A beautiful vintage car isn’t complete without the tyres to match. We have new tyres – to protect your restored beauty – but manufactured in the original moulds to the original patterns of the day.
Our range spans from 10″ to 17″ tyres – and we’re still looking other sizes in demand.
Are you in competition events? We also have a variety of vintage motorsport tyres.
Being enthusiasts in everything ‘automobile’, we understand how special vintage cars are – and look forward to talking about yours.
Talk to us about what driving is like for you – and how to make it even better.

Tyres – Tyre Services

Kostera’s Tyres don’t just give advice on and sell tyres. We also have a wide range of tyre protection products, accessories and additional services.
Want to stand out from the crowd? Some unique rims will add character to your car. Come in and see our impressive range for yourself.
Tyre inspection & repairs
Have your tyres regularly inspected to ensure your safety on the road. And make the most of them with our tyre repair service. Speak to one of our experts about how your tyres are travelling. View Tips.
Attend local races
You’ll see Kostera’s at local race meetings – with a supply of new tyres in tow. We know how frustrating it is to be out of action. But our team’s there, ready to change your tyres so you can get back into the thick of it.
Talk to us about what driving is like for you – and how to make it even better.